Ball Off (Remix)
Yeah, Lord Infamous
The Scarecrow
Futuristic Rowdy Bounty Hunter
Enigma on the track
Black Rain bitch!
When you wanna jump?
When you wanna jump?

[Hook: Lord Infamous]
Smash the gas then ya ball off, ball off
Do your dance then ya ball off, ball off
Smash that n***a when ya haul off, haul off
Crash into 'em when ya haul off, haul off
When you wanna jump (ball off)
When you wanna jump (haul off)

[Verse 1: II Tone]
As I think about my journey through my life to my death
N***as trippin' with that anna
I'm gon' help 'em meet their death
It's Black Rizzle, I'm II Tizzle, so you better watch yo step
It's a million ways to murder so I'm livin' by that rep
I'm a soul taker, grave digger, find yo block
(?) with the money (?) got
They scared of them n***as that's hurtin' for paper
You come to the hood and them goons gon' rape ya
Back from the fucking dead, visions up in my head
Fuckin' you lemon lame, killin' it ain't no thang
Murder's all on my mind, grabbin' the Gl-izz-ock
And lettin' it rip, n***a don't trip

[Verse 2: Lord Infamous]
N***as defyin' the deadly Black Rain
I will make sure I cause some excruciating pain
Infamous not a hot-blooded mane
There's nothing but ice water in my veins
Want it all, yes I want every bit
And I will not stop until I get all my grip
So trick come equipped for a solar eclipse
If you slip get yo neck slit, pimp
Step up on a pedestal, you take a dose, you lose your life
Listenin' to my junt and you might be the one that die tonight
Scarecrow the Rowdy Bounty Hunter, crank that fuckin' sawed-off
Do your dance, smack that trick and then ya ball off


[Verse 3: T-Rock]
I be knockin' suckers ... work
Before I even (?) usin' the chopper for when that shit squirk
I'm leavin' casualties, the fatal fatality
N***as welcome to reality, somebody finna get murked
A hundred suckers wanna murder me, put me in the emergency
I keep a few bullets ready to disperse
And if they fuck with me over hands
My trigger finger thumpin' like thunder
When n***as runnin' 'fore my dick burst
(?) murkin' motherfuckers with moderation
Come testin' my operation you got a motherfucker (?)
You wanna run up on me with ten n***as
I promise I pull the trigger
Obviously n***as don't know what they up against
I'mma send my adversaries to purgatory
And laugh as they burn in the pits
I see 'em squirmin' and shit
We beat the fuck out of a n***a with fists
And leave his face full of permanent prints
You better learn how to (?)
... there be no tellin' when bustin' that M11 - 187
And there'll be no recollection of this 211
Comitted with Blood Money without any question
Everybody you wish they all talk
Simply another victim of me and the sawed-off
N***as run in here, best believe I hold off
II Tone, Rock and Lord, it's time to haul off