[Verse 1: C-Mob]
Sittin' here, smokin' my last square I should stop at the store
I put on my shoes, then I hear someone knock at the door
Cigarette almost to the filter so I finish smokin' it
I walked up to my front door and then I opened it
5'5", green eyes, 6 inch heels and a long black overcoat
This girl she had so much ass I just might overdose
I looked and I saw a rose tatted on her neck and thigh
Proceed to say "it's cold, would you like to step inside?"
She walked in and dropped her coat to the floor, I was amazed
Underneath that overcoat she worn nothing but lingerine
She said "don't say no words, just fuck me
Make me say your name"
Everytime I see you I feel something that I can't explain
I'm not gonna lie I thought the situation was a little suspicious
But I beat the pussy up, it was like a fantasy come true
And I wasn't gonna miss this, opportunity she said
"I love what you do to me and plus your head game was so vicious"
I said "babygirl with skills like that
I'm about to make you my mistress"

[Hook x2: C-Mob]
My mistress
Cause your sex game and your head game is so vicious
Girl you know you got the position
Because you're cappable to fulfill all of my wishes
My mistress
Naked in the kitchen, makin' dinner and it's so delicious
Then we're fuckin' for the rest of the night
But before you leave don't forget to do the dishes
[Verse 2: C-Mob]
Whenever I call she comes, whenever I come she swallows
And deal when I'm done, I say it was fun
And tell her I see her tommorow
She doesn't question me about what I'll be doin'
When she isn't all up in mine
She's not all about that drama and she doesn't trip by quality time
She does what she does and
Goes up by her bidness and I take it easy
There's no need to complicate it, she'll do whatever to please me
Like cooking and cleaning and sucking and fucking
And rubbing my back and my shoulders
Dishes in the sink and she's scrubbin' the owen
And lovin' my sack and the hoster
Comin' over wearing fishnets
And other seductively made attire
Whipped sex and gripped necks
She is my personal Jada Fire
Down for whatever, whenever, however I want it I get it
And gettin' no questions
I'm gropin' and pokin' and strokin' and chokin'
She's open to any suggestions
When the boots are knocking, she squels
In the fishnets, stockings and heels
When I put on music she dances for daddy
Her pussy is poppin' for real
And just to make sure, her take on
What she does to me, wasn't fictitious
I said "babygirl what is your role?"
She said "your mistress"
[Hook x2]

[Bridge: C-Mob]
I'm at the crib in my office workin' on music
She hit the cell and told me, she wanted to do it
I said I'm in the zone writin' and I can't be stopped
But told her she can come over and fuck with T-Rock

[Verse 3: T-Rock]
I got her Mob
Bring that lil' ho to me, C-Mob is only right I toss it
I'm on the job but I screw on the clock, step in my office
I love the way you lickin' lips and how you walk, it's flawless
Take a deep breath and deepthroat
On a pimp show me how deep your jaw is
I'mma go so deep in your throat you will choke like smoking
It'll make you noxious, girl you're among bosses
When I get done, you'll be wet and wallace
Mob gave me the school piece
And said that you practice on rifle manners
Enticed by one night stands with rappers and you like the camera
I got the cognac and sex fever
If it's soaked then I won't moan, I'mma take it
This bitch look like [?] Shiva
And I'm David I have to accommodate it
I'm like cannabis sativa, sex is great I dominate a dominatrix
Now I find my secretary and we gon' makin' it too
In Ménage and she odds to participate
This will take all night to swallow
I don't really know can you conquer
Your jaws so wide and hollow
Deepthroat my anaconda
I don't had a lot of drama with the women in the past
So you know I gotta keep shit pimpin'
I'mma fuck you senseless
I don't wanna hear a word, just be my mistress