Slang N Serve
ATL n***as (repeated throughout the song)

[Verse 1]
I'm on an everlasting money mission, million dollar premonition
Got my own coalition, pack my own ammunition
20's on the Lexus glisten, I'm driven to mob life
Hella n***as want me murdered, but can't do the job right
Razor blades, Ak's, and ask me do I carry them
Killin for a hobby like a medieval barbarian
When will the disaster stop? Never, n***a pass the Glock
Illustrated killin live in color like its magnavox
Now I got em hot, from the plot to put the block on lock
Set up shop wit over 50, 000 dollars worth of rocks
Ammunition cocked prepared to pop, Ill even shoot at cops
Stash away the heat and then retreat off in my drop top
Find yo own bizness, or the gat'll make yo clock stop
187 from the west and get yo fuckin block mopped
You gone have to tangle wit a Hypnotize enterprise
Good for makin money off the shit to stay the fuck alive

Come smoke some herb wit me
Come flip a bird wit me
Step on the curb wit me
Come slang n serve wit me
[Verse 2]
I only fuck wit real n***as, all the haters can burn in hell
If you ain't affiliated, dont come wit packs to sell
Object of this hustlin is bubbling stacks of mail
Situations turn sour, rivals'll blast then bail
When I hit the block I'm seein J's, driven insane
Crunker than Montana wit some anna for ounces of caine
ATL n***as blowin brains, simple and plain
Sippin golden grain, makin stangs, inflictin the pain
Smokin, gettin into it, livin ruthless, the feds are clueless
We the ones who keep the city crunker than engine fluid
Hypnotize n***as ridin vettes, sippin moets
Strapped up wit a vest and giant tecs to lower the stress
51 n***as got my back, so nevertheless
Ima get this anna off my chest and smoke on this cest
Puttin bitches on the track, when its a pimp in the flesh
Solid as a rock for adversaries who wishin to test


[Verse 3]
My scandalous recipe, make n***as be scared of me
If there has been treachery, dont try to get next to me
Yo life is in jeopardy, when fuckin wit family
We turnin psychotic losin all of our insanity
Brain dead off of greenery, releasin the steam in me
Keep me from the weapons, Ill be fuckin up the scenery
Deport bullets like immigrants, bitch n***as dont 'tempt to flinch
Money is the motive, let my sinning end the innocence
Ima let the missile rip, ballistic wit hollow tips
You won't see me comin, keep yo fingers on the pistol grip
Smoke blindin my enemies, give em fearful tendencies
You can kiss they life goodbye when T-Rock hit the Hennessy
I'm in it for the presidents, luxurious residence
Hooked up wit the camp, Ive been a mercenary ever since
Atlanta my stompin grounds, Old National's where I'm found
Moving bricks, and fuckin tricks, and flippin reefer by the pounds!!!
ATL n***as (until fade)