Godfather Don


I said f**k a hook
I rather f**k her for her looks
Got ‘em shook
n***as is crooks, out of a good book
If I get took for granted, then your hoodie will vanish
Don got 'em so bad, that Boogie had panicked
Watch how ya closest companions abandon
I been prancing from Camden to Penns Landing, through this sh*t, I'm withstanding
And she clamping to my mans, but she want more d**k
A tramp who ride a minivan, prolly want more kids
Just to swallow
You a thot, prolly from Chicago
Oh I know
You a b*t*h named Nina from Colorado
Awfully brutal
You not a dog, you a poodle
I rob from the guy that he and you knew
They say that I'm too frugal
You get chicks off of skype and ooVoo
I'm through, dude
You n***as is ass, straight poo poo
And I'm the best to do it
This tec I'm shooting, leave ya white nike tech suit red and ruined
These checks I'm grouping
Please don't try to test me, student
Not a success, you stupid
Thank God I'm blessed to do this, yea
And anybody else, really want to try me
Fine by me
Put you underground, nine feet
f**k a six, that was only made for the zombies
That dumb b*t*h, wanted me to rape her punani
Hold up, I need a water break, some Dasani
That soft sh*t that you spit don't get by me
Off rip, y'all get p*ssed, I'm in the top three
Awe sh*t, move cautious, there go five, b
You f**king dirty whore
You sleeping on a dirty floor
You thirty four, living at ya mother's house
You dumb and poor
You want more, nah, lemme chill 'cuz I'm scorching
Ya money come in proportions, so you must be ill-fortuned
Or just unimportant
You run and tell, just like an informant
f**k your chick
Then she run and tell my d**k was enormous
And she was enjoying every second, the sex wasn't boring
I never thought or second-guessed it, ya chick was so horny, damn
I guess I have a foreign fetish
Lemme clear my throat a second with this chloraseptic
I'm well-respected, that's on or off any record
You get the message, if not, ya phone's disconnected
I'm getting reckless, eating pu**y like it's my breakfast
Bro, who you checking? Me, no, 'cuz you're a peasant
Please give me my credit
At least I have cash, you n***as in debt with debit
I f**k around and wreck sh*t
Shots in ya direction
I pop you and ya bestfriend
That's how I get down
I don't stress about the next m
Who wanna f**k with Zee
Swear to God, if you touching me
I'll leave you soured like mustard seed
I had enough with the wannabes, they wanna come to me
With they whack raps, get smacked back to 103
AD or BC, it don't matter
I spray thee with BB's right to ya bladder
It's not a laughing matter, if I'm serving ya platters
I'mma burn ya cabbage and crumble crackers with automatics
sh*t is just tragic but true
What's the matter with dudes
So, I'm blacking on ya crews with some action and refute
And I'll trash you like refuse
Down the chute you go
So, I'm packing all my tools
'Cuz my fuel is low
Yea, I'm the type of dude to leave ya tooth chipped
A dyke is type rude, but not ruthless
And not finna do sh*t
n***as buy new whips
Then answer the phone like who this
Then lie on people that they used to be cool with
The same people they relied on when times was rough
n***as out here dying for acting like they tough
Got families out here crying, they boy is in the dirt
He ain't wanna go Church, there ain't no noise from his hearse
Yea, I guess so
They say Amazi got the best flow
She give me mazzi when she crept low
I'm prolly in Modesto, with a sexy hoe, who got the best toes
If they behind me at the bank, I write the check slow
And b*t*hes eye me at my next show
In this society, they test those, who's put up on death row
I guess I know who's the culprit
n***as who talk sh*t
Prolly walk and sit right near an orphanage
They call it quits after one take
Who's gonna listen to that dumb tape
On a double date
Eating crumb cake
With a couple jakes
Tryna hustle papes
You prolly run to a safe to get ya funds erased
The love for hate is so crucial
Whatever happened to ubuntu
To have compassion and be frugal
n***as just happen to speak Voodoo
b*t*hes is coo-coo
Then try to sh*t on you with doo-doo

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