Can’t Complain lyrics

Neisha Neshae

Ey yo

[Verse 1]
I know I'm not perfect, what I worth it
All my pepole salad no fake in my circle
Never been the type let my probs surface
I'mma just try to love my self and live my purpose
You come by my love and burgle
In my on lane I be Servile
I just make the purg just cause I deserve it
Flexin on the burdys they been tripping
Thinking of me go
What would I be without all the love
Seems me here diffrent when you choose
They want me too fold down
They wish I was toning down
All this people want my spot but tell them to get there own crown
My life is to dissy heavy they know I dont hold down
Try to find me I be some were on cloud
You all n***as either fake is not allowed around

I don't care what a hater got say about me for real
You got more respect when you playing in out the field
They can never walk in my LV-Louisvuitton to day
I'mma always go for it all I was born to win

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