The World Ain’t Enuff
Hey J, I love you, and the hustle
For puttin' down the way so the South don't struggle
Now n***as wanna play, like they forgot the muscle
That paid the way for them to pick you up and touch you
Don't play, you know them b*t*hes wasn't f**kin' with us
Segagrated us, called us country as f**k
N***a swallow it up, you can follow it up
Started small time, dope game, started it up
So what these n***as made a couple of grand
A couple of fans, now n***as wanna bite at the hand
You think that we playin' y'all n***as ain't trill with sh*t
You need to grab on yo nuts, and remember the sh*t
That made ya get crunk, get buck, tear da club up
Throw sh*t, shoot sh*t, bloom sh*t, then duck
Some n***as wanna see 'em die, I just kiss 'em and cry and
Keep a Pistol close by Rap-A-Lot

You think that we gonna stop
The World Ain't Enuff for Rap-A-Lot
Noo ohhh

Uhh , uhh , uhh Yes sir
It's a dirty world, but it ain't enuff
They wonder why me and them boy's be cuttin' up
They wonder why we been in this thing for ten tight
I spit the realist game ya ever hear in yo life
I put that on the Lot, my block, my ice
My wife be on lock, and my pocket be grey twice
I'ma double up nice, when i drop it like dice
Watch me come up in the game like a thief in the night
Got hoes like Whoa!, where them n***as come from?
I'ma Ace-Double-O De Don, I get it done n***a what huh
What y'all know about that?
What y'all know bout them boys who put the Dirty on the map?
Somebody dead wrong, they should have told y'all bout them cats
Now we got to act bed, and take the whole world back
N***as can't stop that, be ready to ride
It's the L-O-K-E-Y and I want the whole pie

Yo, yo old man check it out
He been hustle {???}, the game par-locked
Rap-A-Lot run block, so brother hood don't stop
If ya scared call Cops, they don't want none
See all we fearin' is God, the morgue don't run
We done came a long way, from the Rhine Stone days
Livin' from Pillar to Post, livin' next door to J
I remember the struggle, J inbeded the hustle
Picked us off the street and out of trouble
I ain't never said this in public before n***a
But I love you and he who ever crosses the Prince
Will feel a muscle, I know you n***as say you not Shaq at this label
But without Phil Jackson, I just be another player, and not MVP
Yo to my n***a J, that's it, The World Ain't Enuff for Rap-A-Lot