Verb T

"Pain Avenue"

"I have to go..."
" appointment with my psychiatrist"

[Verse 1 - Verb T]
Pressure building up
All I can do is pray that it'll stop
Feeling dead when I walk
Vultures circlin' me in a flock
Shot by killer, what's surgin'?
Nerves in a knot hurtin'
Fallin' through a spiral
Vital signs are looking uncertain
I'm not a young person
I'm not a dumb person
Blood in my throat
Tears in my eyes
Pain in my limbs
Lungs hurtin'
I don't see the drugs workin'
sh*t that was a dumb purchase
I'm paranoid they're gonna find me
In a slump; murdered
"Bwah, you lonely prick
You should be on some stony sh*t
Emotionless, forget about the worries
Then they won't exist"

Won't exist?
Man, people talk bullsh*t too much
I'm about to smoke this light bulb
While you pussies hit the blunt
Chop up Ajax in a line; sniff it
Drink that bleach; it tastes horrific
Shapes are shiftin'
Brain is missin'
In another place existing
Wave the one; insane magician
Tape and listen back, you missed it
Twistin' off the cap and sippin' this radioactive liquid
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