Jack Harlow

"Green Bubble"

[Intro: Beat Tags]
(Bixtel, why the- you do that?)
(Young BL$$D, boy you saucin!)

[Chorus: Jack Harlow]
I'ma need a bag, and then I’ma need another one
Mmm, why she treat me like a one of one?
Probably 'cause I am, I don't know it’s just a guess
She don't pick the FaceTime up 'cause she a mess
What she said, right
And we run it like a red light
Heading back home you know I'ma need the next flight back
All caps, why you text like that?
Green Bubble's but I still get a text right back

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow]
Flexed up, doorman making sure I'm X'ed up, damn
I ain't trippin’ she said, she gon’ get my next cup, thanks
And I'm, and I’m going great lengths
I-I-I'ma see what I can try make shake up
Play the song for her all I get is blank face, damn
She told me it don't feel like me
Well you ain't met the real life me, if I’m honest with ya
You got an issue, then it's not an issue
Heard what they been talkin' but it's not official
Hopin' don't nobody drop a missile, 'cause I been enjoying myself
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