Extinct (Original Remix) lyrics

Jack Harlow

[Intro: Isaiah Rashad]
I'm just sayin' that, yeah
I just, damn
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Isaiah Rashad]
I take my licks in the storm, b*t*h do me raw
Yeah, still f**kin' 'til six in the morn'
Son, how I flooded out the wrist to reward
Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore
Don't try to hold that, you can't control that
I bought the 'Rari, the Tesla, then I got the throwback
I used to ride it, the Honda that was black as Kodak
And I recall it, like a picture, that is, really, that's sick
Big screen lyrics, yeah, sixteen nearin', and
"Zay, 'fore you leave, Can you f**k me in the mirror?" Yeah
Baby, I got too many b*t*hes not to mention them
Hoes, I don't evеn know they names but they bе feelin' it tough
They wanna touch me like under covers and anacondas
Before you f**kin' go purchase your Gary Paytons
I'm really not everybody, sippin' and talkin' bad as yo' daddy
You shouldn't f**k with these n***as, we was the reckless

[Verse 2: REASON & JID]
Yeah, I f**k my b*t*h when I'm bored, rich from the poor
Drunk, high, stumblin' off the sh*ts and record
Smooth n***a, even when I miss, I'ma score
Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore
Zay, I don't agree what you talkin', I ain't no regular
f**k you think they callin' me, "Him?" I'm a competitor
Levelin', young veteran, more lines than editors
sh*t, why you think we Top Dawgs? n***as different, uh
I been that n***a since Hov was Big Pimpin'
Fly n***a, ain't no gravity, damn
Say somethin' slick, we on your line like a family plan
I used to throw up gang signs out my granny new van
Just some young hood n***as with no guidance like Drake and Chris
My latest sh*t, make n***as elevate they pen
My new chick always say she ain't no basic b*t*h
Well, tell me why we always argue over basic sh*t? That's crazy
2020, we can burn one
I done took way too many Ls and I ain't earned some
No more buyin' bags for b*t*hes that can't afford one
No more gettin' brain from b*t*hes that I can't learn from
Look, we done went from H to the Izzo
To now a bunch of n***as and b*t*hes with all gimmicks
Show they ass more than Lizzo, sh*t (That's my baby, haha)
This sh*t screwed up (Oh), I stayed the same like grenades
When I took my pen out, a n***a blew up (Look)

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