Face lyrics


[Verse 1: WillThaRapper]
I smoke 'til I'm high as f**k (Haha), his b*t*h say she wanna smoke too (Oh yeah)
I said A-Okay, but look b*t*h, I hope you can roll too (Roll sh*t)
Her friend say she cannot say okay, then you could roll too (Lets get it)
Then they f**k my whole squad, just like they were supposed to
I be turn as f**k, I backslash just to let my man f**k (Man, I gotta have one of them)
If it’s one of me and ten of them, they letting ten f**k (Man, they all gone)
Introduce that b*t*h to my bro Pedro, she let him f**k (Ayy, squad)
Me I just be cooling, I be higher than a blimp
But I still be turning up (Turn up), still be launching out (Grrat)
Be cooling but don’t test me (Grrat), 'cause I still be dumping rounds (Bow, bow)
Fifteen rounds, hunnid rounds, spin his block, gun him down
If he smart, try to leave, hit his brain, dumb him down (Brrat)
After that we skipping town, say f**k rap, we flipping pounds (Thats cash)
If the feds bag our place (Whoop), out of state, we switch around (We gone)
If they send ma man to the can, b*t*h, we get him out (Free squad)
They can’t swim in our water, if they try fish em out
I be tryna tell these n***as and these b*t*hes how I'm rockin'
f**k with me the long way, or not at all, it ain’t no options
If I f**k a b*t*h, I leave it there, n***a, ain’t no twatching (What?)
If I'm beefing then my gunman with me n***a, ain’t no copping (Its squad)
Coming up it ain’t no stopping, n***as plottin', and they watching
Let a n***a play with me, I pay your fee, let n***as rob him (Thats cash)
And my n***as f**k with killers too, don’t make them n***as call 'em
They could barely handle me, so I know they can’t handle all them (Yeah, yeah)
The Squad

[Verse 2: ?]
Lil bro, roll that sh*t out, man
Man you geek the spot with these b*t*hes, I'm 'bout to smoke my own sh*t
What the f**k type is this you on?
None of that sh*t, bro
Ayy bruh, we got some lean on? (Lean)
Pour that sh*t out man, these double cups here
My double cups, I need my double cups man
Ay, ay, go the f**k to the store then
What the f**k is y’all n***as doing then?
(DJ A37)

[Verse 3: ?]
I pull up, we hop out on yo ass (Ayy)
n***a want play, he get toe-tagged (Grrat)
Hide some sh*t up in my dope pads
Shout out my b*t*h, she is so bad (Damn)
You know she dope like a coke base
Some would say she leave a hoe mad
Rolled pass me with my kool-aids, bro game
Yeah yeah I been runnin' through the trap
Not the six serving this garbage truck
Jumping like jumping jacks
They stopped cruising in the six four
Slice fit I take you straight out your b*t*h, dog
'Cause I got that piece of the puzzle, boy
You don’t want no f**king trouble, boy
I'm a rapper with your b*t*h, boy
I used to rap, and I'm turnt up with WillThaRapper
You is a stupid actor 'cause you rap like you stupid
How you think you go smoke, you don’t do sh*t
We pulled in the coupe, and it’s roofless
Talk that sh*t out your mouth, leave you toothless (Leave you toothless)
Talking straight out the streets, I've been through sh*t (I been through sh*t)
I'ma dive in that cat on some bullsh*t (On some bullsh*t)
Then I kill that lil cat on some cool sh*t
Then I kill that lil cat on some cool sh*t

[Verse 4: ?]
Ay, ay
Let me hit that
Hello? The f**k is this, my n***a?
n***a in the studio, hold up
Hold up
Hold up, hold up, ay, look
We be getting it and we ready to flip
You not like me boy, you chasin' these b*t*hes
It’s a hundred in the clip, ain't no fake, I don’t miss 'em
I need a Hummer, we'll turn up, put 'em straight to the trenches
Ass so fat, she gotta jump in them denims
n***a look real clean when I jump in the rentals
How she go let the mob go Santiago
Get the drop like Pablo then I'm gone tho
I got a b*t*h that look like Megan Good, straight from the hood
She got a condo out Virginia, got it straight out the mud
Jeans, no wedding rings, we buy them
Walk on the scene, looking extra clean 'cause I am
I'll straight merc a n***a beat, then I'll leave him, rest in peace
Let her get the best of me, now she can get the rest of me
In in the streets not shushin' me, boy, you can get the recipe
Ay, ay, ay, ay, hey, hey
n***a make the trap look cool tho
I am in Mars with Pluto
I pulled up in a four door or two door
And we can cop two or three hoes
Ay, get the f**k up out my face, and throw the bag right in the safe
We been flyin' all day and my [?] up in this place
Shout out to Tay, boy, that’s my Ace, hey
I smoke this dope to they face, hey, hey

You are now rocking with D.C.’s own
DJ A37 you f**k boys, stand back

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