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Umphrey’s McGee

"Triangle Tear"

Whose side are you really on
Then maybe one last chance to turn it all around
Who's right - who already left
If you're asking me - what did you expect
A new line’s what I really want
And no I wouldn't try to put a limit on
What you hide in the messages
When I read that speech - wasn't that impressed

We bury the solution, we don't know why
We call it evolution - we’re just scraping by
There's a little part of me - I gotta admit
I can be civil when I need or I oughta commit
I know it's gonna be a little hard to resist
I'll take a nibble if it's free and it comes with a gift
Or swivel to the sideline - maybe you’d miss
In the middle of the night if you really insist

We bury the solution - we don't know why

I realize where you're coming from
But do you understand it only works for some
I'll change mine - yeah you heard me right
No that doesn't mean I won't put up a fight
It's too sharp all around the edge
You can almost reach it if you want to stretch
It's loose talk in an empty bed
Did you even think about what you had said

There's three sides we need to cover
There's yours and there's mine but there's gotta be another
And the other part of me - I need to address
I tend to disagree when someone's trying to press
Opinions onto me - like I need to be saved
Decisions gotta be what was already made

We call it evolution - we’re just scraping by

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