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Umphrey’s McGee


Waiting in line for a melody
Maybe this time I'll be right where I'm supposed to be
You know everybody's trying to get some
I won't be the first and you won't be the last one now

Really there's no obligations
When everything's left your own motivation
And even if you can't ever find it
You know it never hurts if you gotta redefine
What it means when you get down to it
Don't really need you to prove anything
But I hope that you do it
And then you know, so

And while we're on the subject
Ain't nobody perfect
Somebody will always lose
And the last time that I checked it
We're all still connected
Even through these different views

Since I got your attention
I still have to mention
Apologies are overdue
And I shouldn’t have to have to say it
No I'm not complaining
It's something you already knew

You should stop before you say something you don't mean
Everybody needs someone to believe in
It's okay, know you're not alone
It's the empty shade of a promise made when no one really knows
And while we wait, don't get so attached
You're only here for a moment, and you know that it won't last
Another day is given back to you
Don't be so ungrateful if you know you'll never use it at all


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