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Black Milk


[Verse 1]
Holla at your boy, boy holla at your boy
f*ckin' Black Milk aka the real McCoy
Realest n*gga flowin I flow like a freakazoid
Yea there go them boys who pull out them bigger toys
With a limp, limp these b*tches start following
I'm a pimp, pimp I sweep off my collar and
Hoes hollering they think it's a hologram
After I done f*ckin' did her I ain't f*ckin' with her
Bang the MP I'm a beast up on the beats
n*ggas askin me dog how much for them beats
For them tracks seems them n*ggas is crack feens
I'm a pusher man just call me a pusher man
Just like the beats I studied the flow quicker
I know I'm sicker with it I can murder all you n*ggas
I'm talkin mad sh*t like I'm boxin with a
Couple dollars I'm gettin a little c*cky with it
Slow it down youngster that's what they tellin me
Still gotta rep the D so the whole town love ya
So the whole town love ya

It's so raw, told ya'll
Have the whole world like "oh my God"
n*ggas is runnin around like "oh my Lord"
It's insane, my n*gga, just move on

[Verse 2]
This the part of the song where I put the flow down
And n*ggas look around like what he can do now
I'm sick middle name yup flu bound
Got soldiers we all hunt one, two now
Hut, give me, give me artillery round up
n*ggas, duck, duck when them artillery rounds come
And I ain't playin I ain't sayin they can't rhyme but
Them n*ggas can't do the? or the sound cause
I'm to hard for em I'm to far fetched
Ahead of these n*ggas the rhyme stay heartless
So please don't be a target
Spit those dogs kinda sharp get it all over your garmets
When the bombs hit get all over your armor
No your not harder more like a massage n*gga
Black new on the beats sound like Vietnams in it
If you wanna swim with the sharks u get tossed with em
You know your boy had to come kill it
Put your money up if you know someone iller

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