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Black Milk


"I take it to the street with any of these motherf*ckers man."

[Verse One]
I school n*ggas
This the prerequisite
I'm the fire drill, you students better exit quick
Wack n*ggas blame Hex, he suggested it
Sex, latex, nut eject, she ingested it
Freddie f*cked Jason too, that's indefinite
Never hoes before bros, that's how I'm built
Let them hoes with pretty toes and no guilt
Let Black bust in her face, call it spilled Milk
You rappers need to car pool
Too many di*k ride, they wasn't bumpin' J-Dilla n*gga until after J-Dilla died
West coast where the Cadillac's glide and coast
Guys chargin' Denali's haulers and of course the best smoke
Can't cope with the west coast pump
Got that rifle with a scope
Build a tunnel through your throat
Think I made my point
Put that Cali and D together it's Caltroit

[Hook] [Bishop] (Chevy Jones)
Carson, South Phil, Compton, ?, Long Beach, Pontiac, ?, Inglewood, Watts
(It's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, Caltroit)
Avalon, 7 Mile, ?, Puritan, Slauson, School Craft, Crenshaw, Joy Road, Finkle
(It's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, Caltroit)

[Verse Two] [Black Milk]
Make your move, we gotta make moves on 'em
Talk sh*t like, who want it?
My dudes move forward
Fast like Flash Gordon or leavin' a CD on fast forward
These n*ggas not playin' for real
This a sport, I'm so sick like Mike Vick playin' the field
Feels like you're playin' Shaquille
n*ggas don't wanna see me like bills in the mail
I'm real greedy now
Like I was starvin' myself
Now we cook those hits like I'm startin' to chef
It ain't hard for me to go at this
Just spit your hardest, for me it's target practice, n*gga
Get your weight up fast
n*ggas wanna compete and bet
So I tell 'em, "Save up cash."
I'm the one that can lead the crowd
Fly with it like a G5 n*gga when it leaves the ground

[Hook] [Bishop] (Chevy Jones)
Poor Dogs, Slum Villa, Thug Life, Goon Squad
Thizz Nation, D-12, Ryda Clique, Dogg Pound
(It's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, Caltroit)
Chedda Boys, Luda Vision, Lost Souls, Street Lords
Likwit Crew, Fat Killers, Runyan Ave, Strong Arm Steady Gang
(It's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, Caltroit)

[Verse Three] [Indef]
Tattoos and acronyms, ain't that bad
Rather here than stay the night in Bagdad
Real talk, without the risk of jet lag
Shawn Kemp a b*tch, have more seeds than a stress bag
Leisure at best fam
As soon as the beat come in I'm gonna eat away at the board like Pac Man
I do two things, flip money and flip words
So I can get it to come back like a reverse
Phenom, got an arrogant tag
That I hold in my hand like a grocery bag
I see fit
I need it homie, real real bad
I won't wait
Spin your life cycle like a Maytag
There'll be no one to carry you back
Spill blood on the floor like a Ludacris 'Lac
Indef, west coast, I'm not new to the fact
As I pull my hands back, any life in the track?

[Hook] [Bishop] (Chevy Jones)
Dance, Mr. Choc, House Shoes, Revolution, DDT, Rafiki, Rhettmatic, Julio G
(It's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, Caltroit)
DJ Dis, Rampage, Babu, Gemini, D-Roc, 2Reel, DJ Jam & J.O. 360
(It's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, it's Caltroit, Caltroit)
2pac, J-Dilla, Mausberg, Big Proof, Eazy-E, Billboard
And of course much love Bugg, Mac Dre
Rest in peace

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