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Black Milk

"Fire (Remix)"

[Intro: Black Milk]
Elzhi, Black Milk, let's go, yeah

[Verse 1: Black Milk]
You can't mention the top five without mentioning I
Black and Elzhi, fire like the temperature rise
Limitless I'm, not even the sky's the limit to I
When we spit with adrenaline times ten
From the beginnin until the rhyme end
It's, no stopping, every line's mind boggling
Stopping your top artist, topping 'em
When we spit sick, naw critics love to get compliments, go

[Verse 2: Fatt Father]
A little 'gen and sodium
Pandemonium, sparks the fat man at the podium
Starts the flame on, I came to stay long
(Somebody call SVU!) I rape songs
Fatt Father collaring fake bums, like Steak-umms
With great guns, that'll have you covered in A1
Al Green told me I was hotter than cooked grits
And my words seem more like somethin I cook with

[Hook: Black Milk]
Cause it's that fire, I see the smoke rising higher
Hi-higher, hands to the sky, up
Spit fire, nope can't deny us
They getting liver, cause it's that fire
I see the smoke rising higher
Get 'em, get 'em up, get 'em higher
Get a cup, let me see, see you light up
They getting liver, cause it's that fire

[Verse 3: Danny Brown]
I fire up the blunt and it tastes like gumbo
Hit the trees hard like George in the Jungle
I'm a play humble 'fore I let the K rumble
Know you got a b*tch fatty and a snitchin ass uncle
Brown play n*ggas like Funco-
Land tan seats in the old school sedan
So n*gga talk sweet and the forty fifth blam
Hit a n*gga in his back, make 'em do a handstand

[Verse 4: Fat Ray]
Look, it's Fat Ray, fireman, I'm turnin the hose on
You fire up a L, we burning the whole zone
So you can go to hell with fire and brimstone
Fire with the heckler
n*ggas is even jockin my hand gestures
Yes, cause I'm fresher than the Nantucket Nectar
Ain't a man fresher, we apply pressure
You a lie, crooked in the street, when I fire like a Vietnam veteran


[Verse 5: Guilty Simpson]
You can't extinguish my genius, release just
Enough to touch y'all without a just cause
And still build a loyal following
Front row at my next show hollering, witnessing overpowering
Lyrics, you feel it deep down, way beneath the street's ground
In sewer tops, we do enough, you do a lot
With zero reward, I'm the chairman of the board
Warlord, sending verb victims to the morgue

[Verse 6: Elzhi]
Still chargin ill jargon, with skill that can kill squadrons
We'll reveal this all in your grill, like the drill sergeant
Too mean, two spleens, this is daily routine
If you seen, holding new green, in my blue jeans
Knuckle every clown, always chuckle, barely frown
Pistol here beneath the bubble, like Huckleberry Hound
When I came in, bent down to strike the game and
They say that I'm fire, you just got fired for soundin like your flaming


[Outro: Black Milk]
If you a fan, go and fan a n*gga off, yeah
Wave your hands, yeah, fan a n*gga off, uh
Go ahead, just fan a n*gga off, yeah
If you a fan, go and fan a n*gga off, go!

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