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Black Milk

"Transitional Joint"

[Verse 1]
Hey-hey, I like her, isn't that how it starts?
She feel the same y'all came together but you're now apart
Since it went sour tart, you got a coward heart
You're never giving up, thinking all the while it's smart
It made you ice cold cause you gambled and your dice rolled
Snake eyes that make guys play, when they twice old
And you thought that you would never trust again
Thinking they're good just for lust and sin and not for busting in
And like the other players where they take us to their lair
Then you lay her, there's not a special person in your prayers
Going through women, some thick, a few slim and
Busting out their shirts, others out their blue denim
And there's a lot of fish in the sea, where you swimming
That you could fetch but wouldn't think they were a good catch
'til one day that fly one comes along
You think of her off an R&B cut, then hum the song
And get the feeling, feeling numb is wrong
When she's away, you miss her like when the summer's gone
The place where this coming from is strong and you trying to fight it
Delighted, when she come around hot and you're excited
They say you can feel real love when you first sight it
Also known as the gift and the curse silent
Get bit by the bug, coping, show a few the symptoms
You fall in love but just before you fell, you were tripping
Meaning you were slipping then you got opened
And told her everything, through your body language, it was not spoken
You out with her it's like you never call your hoes
Give her the tallest rose, y'all hit the mall for shows
You stop going to bars where a baller goes to pop bottles
With top models and take off all her clothes
You're still in denial but you're building a smile
When she say she, feeling your style

Cause baby girl, you got that glow
Very, very far from a hood rat and not that ho
I'm saying you could spot that, yo
Make you wanna plot at getting her, she's hot that show

[Verse 2]
Cause baby girl got that, got that...something special
When we uh-uh, your vessel becomes a pretzel
And when you be gone I be missing your bond
Very fond, you make a heart exist in a don
I know that you're feeling me, it's all inside your kisses
Said if you were my misses I would never have a mistress
You make a player want to put away his pimp cup
Cadillac, 'caine, I'll even throw my limp up
I was in denial, it hit me like blaow
When you say you feeling my style


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