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Black Milk

"We Like Ourselves"

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[Verse 1: Wiki]
Me and Droog, you can't see us
You can't read us, you believe us?
You might as well believe in Jesus
Jesus, we too ugly, f*ck us
Think you want us
Till you meet 'em, then you dump us
Then you leave 'em, what's the reason?
We just mixed up, it's a sit-and-see every season

[Verse 2: Your Old Droog]

[Verse 3: Wiki]
Laugh at it, still kinda mad at it
You a bast*rd, a new addict
I'm clean-lunged, but be dumb about everything else
From the sea to the sun
And that's the homies from Coney
So you ain't even reaching the beaches, till it's December
Yo we freezin', winter we be grilling
Summer we be cheesin', spread far and we in between 'em

[Verse 4: Your Old Droog]

[Hook: Wiki and Your Old Droog]

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