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Black Milk

"City on Fire"

They ain't ready for this
They definitely ain't ready for this, yo

[Verse 1; B.THE GREAT]
This rap game is on the floor
Like I robbed the granite store
All my verses biblical, you stomp
But I stomp, that stego' flow
Show me that you innocent
Show me, that you pent the pen
Show me, you lack confidence
And I reel and fish up on a shrimp
My diamonds look indigo, immature, and middlebrow
But I stick out, like my eye gouge
Or thumb it out, like the war is out
Her body remind me of molly, I pop her
For her ex to see, I X the xans, so now she panic
I gave her di*k, and she perk her set
In the back of the Cadillac, pack with a pack
Of the matches, and we light it up, in the back
She ride, I schooled her, like academy
di*k big, like 5 Viagra's, I bike in it
I inject my di*k, like insulin, listen in
I might need me 4 Ritalin's, 'for I put my di*k back in
b*tch, so you better be a bit patient then, huh
Real n*gga all day and tomorrow
All these n*ggas wanna make a bigger mural
What I say is pural, I don't give a b*tch the world
Gave her many, many kids, I'm her daddy, can't avoid it
I might f*ck on a Cambodian's, di*k is dirty
When I'm in the DeLorean, I just nut on her corneas
f*ck her, then my n*gga I'm just bored again
Like really, rap is really freaking boring me, like uh

I really got this city on my pot
f*ck the smoke, I want the gas
Real right, woah, f*ck with silly hoes
With silly hoes, she on a video
She suck a soul [x2]

[Verse 2]
Magnum said not to be safe, when I f*ck the world
I rest my damn case, I am on a roll
We sell white, to the red's and blue's
So it's strength and trust, we wave our flags
So what's an anthem bruh, in the hood, we take chances
For ya ransom, ya child robbing for expansions
So crack spots, he ran some, got caught
And started trapping out the back of a black Phantom
Dancing on his advances, bout to buy mansions
Then had a tantrum, and got beat up in Kansas
My life changed, but it's reprimanded
Girl said I'm cute, but the pus*y pretty
I told her ass to handsome, as a child and now
I never obey, cause soon I'll still say f*ck the rules
And squeeze that pus*y, it's juicy, with lemon aid
This a bill that need to be payed
That's just what my father say
For Pete's sake, stop acting goofy
You'll never reach cake
You small like Benjamin Button, I'm still the best
But I've had it, f rap, I'll be a Drake
Cause I need a new dang challenge, faggots

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