"Reckless Intro"

[Verse 1]
We was hittin' lick after lick (What? Lick)
Now I'm hittin' b*t*h after b*t*h
f**k lockin' lips, I just blew that girl a kiss (Mwah)
Skrrt, skrrt, lift my doors, then I dip (Yeah)

Blow a bag on all my outfits, drip after drip
She say she like my jeans, they got rip after rip
Money pilin' up like pancakes, flip after flip
Just me and Bucks at parties gettin' grip after grip
Now I made it, my whole family can't stand me (They can't stand me)
Now I won't get on a plane without a Xanny (Without a Xanny)
Now all of a sudden, they say they miss me
If I lost it, they prolly be first to ditch me

I know how to kill these rappers with no gun (Yeah)
But I still went halves with my shooter on a drum
The things I never had, destroy that sh*t for fun
I'm tweakin', if they pull me over might go on a run (Yeah)

I'm livin' reckless, coulda bought a car, I bought a necklace
Yeah, that girl is cool, but I want the next b*t*h
I wasn't supposed to make it, sh*t was unexpected
Feels like my time is runnin' out, so I been livin' reckless
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