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[Chorus: Gunna]
First thing my brother told me (What?)
I'll never get nothin’ for free (Nah)
Twenty thousand spent for a Rollie (Thousand)
Back then I ain't think it was cheap (Nah)
I'm cashin’ for my homies (No cap)
I still ain't cuffin' no freak (Nah)
Keep millions, I'm never lonely (Yeah)
Thank God when I get on my knees (Knees)

[Verse 1: Gunna]
Thank God I'm stuck in these G's (G's), new fraud, I put 'em on freeze (Uh)
Did a show in Mykonos, Greece (Yeah), she a pro, ain’t suck with no teeth (Nah)
Never was a ho, she came from the D, racks in the bag right next to the piece
We did ’em bad, whole family 'ceased
She goin’ out sad thinkin' I wouldn't cheat, yeah
Send the bag, racks every week (Yeah), I put out a hit on 'em (Hit)
I’ma freeze down you lil' bitty b*t*hes (Freeze)
I promise I'm stiff on 'em (Stiff), I promise I'm stiff on 'em (Stiff on 'em)
Ain't no way to get on 'em (No way), money get a little longer (Yeah)
Ain't give me sh*t, so I sh*t on 'em, your b*t*h better love me
Pull out my d**k and I p*ss on her (Yeah), wipe your nose like I'm sick by the corona (Nose)
I get Slime by myself, I'm a real owner (Slime)
Worth the check and you tell me what's your motive (Yeah)
You a broke b*t*h, I set you like on zone it (Yeah)
This the boss of the buildin', the real owner (Yeah)
They wan' give me a loan and I don't want it
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