Turks lyrics


[Intro: Future]
(Wheezy outta here)

[Verse 1: bogwandyy]
I'm a late bloomer, third year on the scene
Twenty racks don't feel like nothin' to me
Came from the streets, it turned me to a beast
Invisible set, diamonds huggin' my piece
Book me for a show, I need eighty at least
I want the smoke, ain't no keepin' the peace
Keep me a razor when I'm in the East
Open 'em up just like a surgery
Everything burnin' around me, I'm lit
Show a lil' attitude, swap out the b*t*h
I spent two-fifty, don't know where it wеnt
My hood on my back, I gotta represent
Toronto, you usеless, you don't got a pole
Warm that boy up, he got shot in the cold
Thirty rounds in the clip, let it unload
I f**k the b*t*h I picked right out of Vogue

[Chorus: bogwandyy]
Took twenty b*t*hes on my first vacay
I ain't pickin' up, I'm in Turks, lil' baby
Every other watch got diamonds in the face
Pullin' out, ask to take a taste, lil' baby
Pullin' out fifty racks, walkin' out of Chase
If I drop dead, I'll be hard to replace
Hardly get thirsty, got water like a lake
My brother got locked, another bond I gotta pay

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