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Young Abdulleh


Aye man, we the Nike boys, we don't even wear 3 stripes n*gga
This my whole life f*cking life n*gga
We don't even play checkers, we play f*cking chess out here bruh
Come on bruh, this my whole f*cking life n*gga

[Verse 1]
College is the real trap
Making us pay so much tuition
Borderline alcohol addiction
Expecting us to go from rags to riches
My whole life is a f*cking contradiction
Can I even trust my intuition
We don't need adderall when we got dragon energy
Make some racks and bands, we deposit in the treasury
Smoking on this reefer coming straight from the dispensary
Young Abdulleh best rapper of the century
Label got me stuck in chains but imma spit this flow
Popping opioids, be lookin like a stranger bro
Party up on Ascot Drive but who's gon' wipe this nose
Need some f*ckin' Bosley cause my hair like Amber Rose
Emperor's new groove
Like poopdidy scoop di di scoop
Pull up in a red Bentley coupe
I'm making all big money moves
Yeah, I'm making all big money moves

[Verse 2]
Living the suite life in Burlingame
I'm f*cking up sh*t like a hurricane
All of the students regurgitate
Giving degrees to these poopy brains
She bite down on the molly, taste the rainbow different flavors
Feel like baby Yoda cause I got the lightsaber
Flexin' iced out watches like I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger
n*ggas want the smoke so I just bring the carburetor
I'm the f*ckin' terminator, gas em in the chamber
Yeah, i run around town like I'm f*cking Al Pacino
Running up the racks on the slot machines in Reno
Got an iced out Richard Milly, stuff it in my pea coat
Came from the SamTrans bus on El Camino
Zodiac cancer, b*tch I'll put your ass in chemo
Feelin' like the cuatro of the Migos, Giovanni Negro

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