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So let me start my pray
I ain't suffering from not being the demon player
I'm not trynna spend that doe to get some rolling papers
sh*t I don't mean being high
Give a f*ck about them haters
My kush is blowing with that bass kicking my kick and snare
No, I'm not that person yall b*tches looking for
No, not laying down my ass on Benz, Aventodors
No, not having golden keys of a local liquor store
sh*t is simple, I just got myself a brand new microphone
Not impressed? Not at all. Well what the f*ck is going on?
Am I really need to sign that devil list in proper form? f*ck it, no
All these racks in my hands, pornstar booties in beds, living life with no stress
Lord, and everybody want it more
And every single dreamer dawg
But I ain't stepping down the easy road
It's time to get that everything without selling my only soul

Lyrical master p forcing you to bend your knees facing that amazing v the 50 shades of asian d
Come listen my melody, fading out to that therapy
Don't pretend и не пизди that you don't need my recipe
But every time I push my will to step against your criticism
You the only one that didn't even get the f*cking message
Feel the power, I can't spit the dragon flame over them records
Everybody meet the person dissing the bloody red devil

Stop, money over fame, pinky rings, diamonds, gold slugs, shiny two chains
Weed, alcohol and lean people acting strange
Can't believe hip-hop established that nowadays range
For them people who listen and feel the same f*cking way
For them homies sitting back reminiscing the old days
For the everybody in the world playing this game
Ill motherf*cker Tolebi, and this is my pray

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