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Stefflon Don

"Oochie Wally Freestyle"

Position like a don boom flick pon the di*k mek him c*m quick
I be gettin money if you mad you a bum chick
40 on my wrist, looking lit, diamonds talk quick
When I do a show got the crowd doing mosh pits
b*tch I’m in the 6
I ain’t never f*cked for a feature or a come up even tho my pus*y lit
Front cover sh*t and I ain’t got to run from the pigs
I’m legit, tell the hood I’m taking pics for a pitch
Weh yuh think
Looking like a star on my car
Got the keys to the Benz, you a 3 I’m a 10
You dead
f*cking with my marge that’s 16 shots to you head leave you laying like the ikea bed
Big batty, big titi and big P
Got brains,yards and a company
Own my own masters no stopping me
One milli on a deal I’m a real g
Said it must be the money cuz it ain’t yo di*k
Stacking money like real don and I’m thick
Put you mullah where your mouth is and stop chat sh*t
Made a Milli off the deal, said it twice cause I don’t give a sh*t
I remember when I use to bag the coco, paranoia had me looking through the window
Kept the food in my yard not the bando
n*gga that was dumb, that was dumb but I was young doe
She got that regular swag, she only go f*ck for a fee, she only go run up ya tab
b*tches wanna be me but they can’t be a boss
On my sash steff don, 5 minus 4 one
And I’m bad
They liking my pictures on IG (uhh), I know that these b*tches don’t like me (uhh)
Are you with the stuff well I might be (don)
Shooting movies like spike lee
pus*y clean, pus*y eva get wet, whine inna dance, pon the edge pon the bed
Neva see a man weh run lef me yet
Inna hurtin me I was the girlfriend
OMG, LOL, him a type bare f*ckry cause him cya spell
Him tell me seh him buddy black black but him face come out white like kartel
I’m a cop every hit list
I need a freaky n*gga but I’m like biscuit
I be getting figures and it’s looking like digits
Platinum selling babygirl got a big hit, I got a big hit
Yea you got diamonds but they ain’t dancing like this
c*cky fi a send up inna pus*y til it lick
If a b*tch ever say I’m sh*t I bet her p*ssy sh*t
b*tches wanna act like they can't see me but they see the chick
But let me sit back and rip this quick
I ain’t on about no hair when I clip the clip
I be all up in the front like a front lace wig
And if you b*tches want war come and find the kid

*music continues*


Weh di blood claut

f*ck b*tches (X3)

f*ck all these n*ggas ...

f*ck b*tches (X2)

f*ck all these n*ggas b*tch I’m getting money

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