"LaLa Challenge"

[Intro: Johnny Venus]
Come on
Sit down in here and get comfortable
Place your head on the mat
Place your feet to the sky
What you think about that?

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
Everybody trappin', everybody hard
Everybody f**kin', everybody broad

n***as slayin' b*t*hes, all the women bored
Paint your nails and stroke that pu**y cat 'til I'm off tour
One in ten is gangsta, hardest in the yard (What's up then n***a, what's up? Do somethin', what's up, what's up, what's up?)
Two of ten gon' tango, rest of y'all is fraud

People of the land, won't you take my hand?
Come inside these walls, hundred round applause
Step out the car like the bad girl and pause the beat (Ooh)
Stop the world, give it a twirl when I move my feet, make sacred ground
'Cause you brown don't mean you down (No, no, no, no, no)
'Cause you white don't mean you right
'Cause I'm lost don't mean you found (Uh)

[Verse 2: Doctur Dot]
I got the sauce like Italians
Digital love don't mean sh*t to me, b*t*h, I can tell you a catfish (No, no)
Came from the bottom, trained how to spot 'em

Stayin' on my toes
Came from the slaves and the sharecroppers
Sang with bravado
Hang with some thugs that be changin' some diapers
Still don't take sh*t, take aim at your collar, pow
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ah-hah
One to the head, now you know he dead
My daily routine consists of making sure everybody fed
So I could never love a b*t*h that's givin' everybody headphones, on perpetual (Oh-oh)
Lock in all your perpetrators (Uh)
Auntie taught your third graders (Uh)
Cousin probably served your neighbors
n***a, what you need?
Take you up like the elevator
Escalation, sacrifice, determination
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