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"Let it Flow"

Let it flow, let it flow let it flow and
No holdin it holdin it holdin it
Let it flow, let it flow let it flow and
No holdin it holdin it holdin it

Verse 1

Ain't nobody doin nothin that was never done
While you here you better eat good and have fun
Keep goin keep goin run Forrest run Forrest run
Spend da money spend da money till the money spunt
Stack chips get coins what they worry bout
Where they go when they die what they should worry bout
JESUS CHRIST JESUS CHRIST ain't hard to figure out
HE the only way to Heaven ain't no other route
I'ma keep it real I'ma keep it funky wit cha
Snap flash see the bigger picture in the Scriptures
Spread love, peace, joy that's the message bro
Anything not that is a no no
I just go go
Let the vibe flow flow
Not so so more like a pro's pro
JESUS on my side Oh all opposed froze
This is David Gift if you did not know know

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