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I say flame on
Cause catching a freeze is my enemy
Can all of you take in my energy
Then I just forget my identity
I take the Devils fruit
But people say that sh*t will bury me
You actor, you saying you care for me
f*ck outta here, b*tch f*ck what you telling me
I hit the green call it celery
Tryna avoid all my relatives
My eyes are red from the sedatives
Cooking a joint like its ready mix
All of my cookies are delicate
But, f*ck the commotion of selling it
I drink the Henny with Ketamine
Burn the ignition you feel the adrenaline
sh*t is vital, collective and calm
Want the arrival, before I start
Crazy like tribal, raise the alarm
I'm lucky, delightful, call me a charm
I feel my relief when I cruise in my car
Tell everyone that I ain't going far
Really I'm planning to aim for the stars
Call me Flash Gordon, the crowd goes ahhh

I feel sh*t and I feel so tired
Of people round me tryna be so damn kind
I tell myself the problem is just my mind
Fill my soul with perky's 'till the pain goes blind

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