Pe$o Pete

[Producer Tag: grax]
Grax, what the f**k?

[Intro: PE$O PETE]

[Verse 1: PE$O PETE & [?]]
Y'all be lyin' in yo' lyrics, that sh*t deceitful
Off the Perkie, I'm a zombie, feel like Resident Evil (Aye!)
She was tight, but that's light, I done threaded the needle
Dropped the top wit' bald like I'm flyin' the eagle
I'm out in Cali' smokin' legal, but my b*t*h is illegal (Yuh)
Switch clips, makin' movies, I ain't workin' at Regal
When I get my first bag, turn the crib to cathedral (SHINY PACK!)
Cut a b*t*h off, I don't care if she bleedin'
I ain't wit' the wing, look like Marco the Phoenix (Aye!)
I ain't wit' the f**kery, I swear I don't need it
He ain't gettin' in my section 'cause I'm already leavin'

[Watermark: PE$O PETE & [?]]
f**k PE$O

[Verse 2: swerzie]
Fire A-R's on the side of the Humma' (Side of the Humma')
I just pulled up at a dome, he like "Hommina Hommina Hommina Hommina"
Shut the f**k up, I don't got time (I don't got time)
Either you gon' quit the talkin' or you losin' ya' life (Losin' ya' life)
Either you gon' stop the cap or I'mma pull out the rif' (Pull out the rif')
This ya' only chance to fix it, better make this sh*t right (Make this sh*t right)
And shout-out the homie PE$O, that the homie, we tight (Homie, we tight)
Heard somebody talked on Ryan, better know it's on sight (Know it's on sight)
And I got a f**kin' red dot on the Glock in my sight (Glock in my sight)
Dropped a diss song in the mornin', dropped it at the night (Dropped it at the night)
I ain't fightin' 'bout a thing, I'm gonna' let the Glock fight (Let the Glock fight)
And I ain't writin' none, know this, but all these hollows gon' write (Hoes gon' write)
How you broke, comin' at me? Stay in ya' shell (Stay in ya' shell)
How you think you gon' surpass me but they makin' one sale (Makin' one sale)
And you thought that sh*t would be sweet but now I'm givin' you Hell (Givin' you Hell)
And you thought I wouldn't shoot but now I'm givin' you shells (Givin' you shells)
I'm in the party rollin' deep, Adele (Adele)
I don't trust a single person 'cause they muhf**kin' tell (Muhf**kin' tell)
If the police ask me sh*t then that sh*t ringin' the bell (Ringin' the bell)
Ain't gon' hit, try to take my chain and I'mma point it and spill, b*t*h (Point it and spill)

[Outro: swerzie]
Heh, I really did though
Let up, skrrt!

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