Pe$o Pete

[Watermark 1: OUHBOY]

[Intro: PE$O PETE]
I wonder if I should like, punch this track in or somethin'
I-, I didn't even-, I had to move my mic' and sh*t
Yeah, okay, yeah-yeah
Adamant Orb, got my wrist having seizures
Yeah, okay
Uh, f**k
That Popeyes sh*t

[Producer Tag: OUHBOY]
Oh yeah, OUHBOY, this sh*t bangin'

[Watermark 1: OUHBOY]

[Verse 1: PE$O PETE & [?]]
Adamant Orb, got my wrist having seizures
Griseous Orb on my neck, Giratina
Shootin' Toucannons, they sip Primarina
Goldenrod Station, got racks for the re-up
[?] on the coupé [?] ([?] on the coupé [?], SHINY PACK!)
[?] Flare Blitz, hoppin' in the [?] (Yeah-Yeah!)
Hop in the moshpit, 7-Star Soul-Stealing Strike, got my Marshadow punchin' in the booth (b*t*h!)
Watch how I move
I hit the spot and then [?] run into you, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune
b*t*h, I'm the truth (b*t*h, I'm the truth)
f**k around, stay in my system, my X-P goin' through the roof (f**k around, stay in my system, my X-P goin' through the roof)
Deep in the Safari Zone, lookin' for a Kangaskhan (Yeah)
[?] the whole box, what save I'm on
I cannot remember, whole team 6-0, I just dismembered

[Watermark 1: OUHBOY]

[Bridge: PE$O PETE]
Sinnoh the region
Never be treason
Garchomp the reason
Shaymin the reason

[Post-Bridge: PE$O PETE & OUHBOY]
Magical Leaf what I'm rollin' my tree in, breathin'
Give her Wood Hammer, she c*m while I'm tweakin', sleepin' (Oh yeah, OUHBOY, this sh*t bangin')
f**k wit' [?] in the area creepin', creepin'
Staraptor hit me then Fly, now we leavin', leavin'

[Verse 2: PE$O PETE & OUHBOY]
I'm back in Jubilife, droppin' a check
Head out to Oreburg, rocks on my neck
Head to Eterna, the plug is on deck
Twinleaf my town, that's that O-G respect
Mespirit, Cresselia roamin' the block
Leavin' to Snowpoint, they sayin' I'm hot
Magmortar money, I'm heatin' the pot
f**kin' yo' b*t*h, she was givin' me top
Simp for a thot he Electabuzz shocked
Future Sight, saw that sh*t comin', on God

[Post-Verse 2: PE$O PETE]
[?] hit me for a treat, man
So I had to really go away, man

[Pre-Verse 3: OmarCameUp]
Oh, Yeah

[Watermark 2: OmarCameUp & スクウェア・エニックス]
*Cloud Strife's Limit Charge*

[Verse 3: OmarCameUp & OUHBOY]
You must be a ghost type, you lookin' astonished
Got all these bands and these [?] in pocket
Green on my mind, I'm a muhf**kin'-, uh
Green on my mind, I'm a muhf**kin' Oddish
Head to the [?] sh*t when I started
You cannot beat me down [?] your offense
n***as, they beefin', they fishin' for content
I will not stop in this b*t*h 'til I'm content
No rivals, you just wanna' be me
Sippin' on [?], that sh*t got me leanin'
Miracle Whip and I'm drivin' Alcremie
Agility on me, a young n***a speedin'
b*t*h is like [?], if she wave like a ocean
I throw a rack and she bust it open
[?] my [?], I don't switch (Oh yeah, OUHBOY, this sh*t bangin')
Aerial Ace, b*t*h I'm fly and I don't miss
Yo' b*t*h must be Frogadier, I got her croakin'
[?] you haven't heard the news
Black wit' the [?], no Pokkén
Smokin' that [?], got me confused (Smokin' that [?], got me confused)
She like how I play wit' the Litten right ([?])
My b*t*h is frosty, to me, family matters, but you know I'm catchin' that [?] (Ah)

[Post-Verse 3: OmarCameUp]

[Watermark 1: OUHBOY]

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