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Georgia Anne Muldrow

"Mr. Brownskin"

[Intro: Akua Naru]
Close your eyes for me
For a second
Sh, just for a second
Yeah, like that

[Verse 1: Akua Naru]
Mr. Brownskin Brooklyn, brother, lover, best friend
Centuries hated for that ebony complexion
They answer no questions, I want some
Heart beatin' awful like that bass drum, prayin’ the day come
[?] where you came from, ancient as Abram
Holy water sacred as Jacob
Your eyes shine like the stars that [?] over bed[?]
[?] sisters to the wounds [?]
Brother to the night and when the lights on
You transcend the rhyme form
Uh, protagonist of this song
The world wrote you wrong, let me love you enough
To sing for you, dream of you, bang that Jodeci and fiend for you
Roam your inner globe until you moan along the blues scale
Promise I won't tell, as bad as I wanna brag about you
Yell tones and chords unknown, unclothed
I transpose only when we alone, when we alone
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