"Mo Money Mo Problems"

Mo money, mo problems
I’m sipping Moet out the bottle
I’m headed to the top from the bottom
But all for my city, I got her
Big dream, whoa
Big wishes, whoa
Big goals, whoa
Check spender, whoa
Young roll, roll
Let’s get her, get her
This is for the champagne sippers, what what

[Verse 1]
Guess jeans, Guess shirt like its 95’
Fresh scene, fresh work lace my Nike’s tight
I just came for the fun, I don’t like to fight
Drink my champagne straight up, I don’t like the ice
When a set see us, fresh linked up
Pull up to the scene in a stretch Beamer
They always used to tell us we was next, we up
Ill YaYa posed a threat, no they can’t see her
Now all I do is cash out by the way
The homies in the club, and they ashing that dank
I don’t say too much cause I’m passing the drink
My hands raise them up cause I’m dancing to Drake
Don’t play with it
Don’t play with it
If you’re gonna do your dance, gotta sway with it
We forever 21, what’s the age to weave?
Forever getting drunk, champagne we drink
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