"4hunnid Summers"

[Hook: Kamaiyah]
Ohh I, Ohh I (Ohh I, Ohh I)
Went from the hood life
Switch it up live the good life
Good bye, champagne have a good night
Look right know you seeing all this ice on me
Come here live this good life with me
Ohh I, Ohh I, live this good life with me
Ohh I, Ohh I, big ice in these diamond rings

[Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign]
Gold chains and diamond rings
All I ever wanted was the finer things
Went from hand me downs to designer jeans
From my granny back room to the major leagues
Rode through the hood in a bucket yeah
200 hundred on the Porsche like f**k it yeah
We had to ball on a budget yeah
No we on top like the subject
I was 24/7 in the trap with it
Riding through TSA with the pack on me
I had to feed my whole family
Turn the competition to a casualty
Made them switch their whole strategy
Show em how to turn dreams to reality
Used to hit the corners on the ten speed
Now I hit the mall and spend ten G’s
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