[Verse 1: Kamaiyah]
Big money stunters, we count commas
G-Class Benzes, that's our Hummers
f**k up the money and we work off the summers
Pop champagne off in our saunas
All I do is cash out by the way
A clown pays me gross and we go celebrate
Move slow, we move fast, we don't got to play
I got the, I got the, I got the wave
One thing's for certain and one thing's for sure
They pose as friends but they're enemies close
Think I didn't notice the pose, b*t*h please
Been beat, two feet, b*t*h leave

[Chorus: Kamaiyah]
For the last five winters, winters
I been known that I'm a winner
For the last five springs, springs
I been rockin' the bling bling
For the last five summers, summers
I been knowin' that I'm a stunner
And for the last five falls, falls
I been knowin' that I'ma ball

[Verse 2: Yhung T.O.]
Rocks on my wrist, hundred bands on my whip
I been that n***a since I was age six
You can't fall off when you f**kin' with a boss
f**k up the mall when you f**kin' with a boss
Chains on me, let it rain on me
Bands on me but the thing on me
I got this fame now your main want me
But I don't got no time and no one for
Big money baller
Couldn't cry when I seen my uncle in a coffin
I just told him I'ma ball for you
I'ma hold this sh*t down, buy the mall for you
I knew n***as hate, let 'em motivate me
I will never fall, let a n***a pay me
Stayed on all ten, I'ma spend these bands
For the last five summers your b*t*h been a fan
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