September Stories

"Let Love Bleed"

How could it end this way? I thought I had done everything right. I thought I had been what you needed
It makes it hard to believe when you let your infatuations destroy the hope that we were built on
But darling, was it not to me that you claimed your love for? And was it not to me that you would have laid down your life for?
I can hardly envision a time when I felt as strongly as you have. And I wish I could have the compassion that you showed for me. All I wanted was for you to be happy. For us to have made something of this life that no one thought that we could
Is giving in what you call happiness? Letting our dreams to rot along with everything that we had stood for
This isn’t how I wanted it to end. I never meant to hurt the only one who brought peace and acceptance into my life
I can’t promise you a life that, you’re going to love. I can’t promise you a life that you’ll even be proud of. I’ve got enough stained memories to realize the good from the bad, and I’ve got enough scars to know that you weren’t the one causing them. I know I’ve done you wrong, but I swear it’ll be different this time
If past memories have taught me anything...It’s the fact that people don’t change…

You’ve kept your mind closed like it would bring some sort of comfort
Like shutting yourself off from the world around you would make you the person you dreamed of being
But spending your nights door-to-door watching your innocence flee isn’t the life that you had dreamed of
Waiting for the next numbing substance so that you get through another night

You’ve let the voices in your head ring out so long that they begin to become the truth
If life is but a dream, how do we decipher what’s real and what lives in our heads?
Chalking off a memory to something we thought we had wanted
Taking those 4 AM nights to remind you of a time when you felt purpose and fulfillment, instead of what you call home

And I know that you had wanted more (Wanted more)
But I gave all that I had (All that I had)

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