September Stories

"Christmas 2012"

[Verse 1]
And would it be weird to just forget
Pretend like none of this happened yet
Cause I'm just tired, is that okay
And I'm just tired, is that okay
Okay, okay

[Verse 2]
You only get so many holidays
And you've laid mine to waste
Does it even keep you awake at night
To know that you f**ked up her life

Cause I believed every word you said
Like how you say it even when she's broken down
Cause I've been gone for a week or more
And all I do is think anymore



December 2012
If I'd have known your intentions at the time
I probably wouldn't have taken that Christmas for granted
You were the only one always I can remember
You filled her with hope when she had none
And you gave her a sickened smile when she had not the courage to make one herself
I know you only longed for fond memories we shared
With only hollow intentions at the time
That we were viewed as a burden
But you were never burdening me
You were one of the only things in my life that I had depended on
And I thought you'd never leave
I guess you heard me wrong January 2013

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