Justin Stone

"Like That"

[Verse 1: Drake Chisholm]
Oh it's like that yeah it's like this
Don't take the shot 'cause you might miss
But I risk it all just to get it all
And check the watch on my wrist
It say my time do it prime time
I'm always working on my lines
I got a fear of failure but I know it's all in my mind
Ain't about plays, it's about quality
Every day people follow me
Roll the dice, bet it all on me
She loves how I spit, why she swallows me
Yeah, I mean it like that
Style and sound never seen it like that
Switch up the flow then I bring it right back
And I'm balling old school I Kareem it like that, uh

[Pre-Chorus: Drake Chisholm]
Yeah, thats how we go
They don't get the reference 'cause it's different to know, ah yeah yeah
Man, but life ain't that bad
I see you out here hating and I know why you mad it's 'cause

[Chorus: Amir Miles]
Do you realize I got
Everything that you want, b*t*h I'm chosen
See me light up the spot
Got my name on your clock glad you notice
That I love what I do
I won't need protection 'cause I ain't ever gon' lose, oh yeah yeah
And they can stand to the side
I won't hide my passion 'cause no ones ever getting mine, oh oh
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