Justin Stone

"Fine, Alright"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, pull up with the windows tinted (Left)
Can't see me but see the vision (Clear)
Almost quit, like, what's the goal? (Right)
Won't text back, see my percentage? (No)
Might just go to college
Not a backup plan, this my master plan

Losing oxygen
Tryna explain I'm back again
Your top three wack; been lappin' 'em
Two lips work well, I'm flappin' 'em
South-East, I've failed with acronyms
I'm M.I.A. been rackin' ins
When the money came, I needed it
No response? I plead the fifth
She keep saying, "I'm down to love"
I say, "I ain't seein' it"

Things were all cool last month
We were talking rings and stuff
We already named our kids
Nice house with a big white fence
Say the distance sucks
No, I think these feelings sucks
She said, "I think that we finally done"
Well, fine, alright
"Don't ever call again, no, never call again"
Well, fine, alright
"Delete my number right-right now, right-right-right now"
Well, fine, alright
"Don't hit my friends up, Justin, don't you even dare"
Well, fine, alright
Well, fine, alright
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