Party Boy
Am I recording? Awww shit. Let's go! I.D., L.A., Oakland, c'mon!

[Verse One]
You heard it correctly
Your homie go heavy
Throw pennies at a cop car out of old Chevy's
So many, no friendly po-lice, no like
Joe is like, "Bambu" and I still don't know why
Oh well
I never gave a fraction of a fuck
They been trying to kill me since before I growed up
Hold up
So what?
Let me slow myself up
Before I untuck my shirt and unlace my Chucks
We thump where I come from, ladies throw hands and break glass
Bottles on the heads of they boyfriends
So I left, got a girlfriend straight from out the Sco
But later on, found out, she might hurt my ass too
But yo
I can't front like she ain't holding Bam' steady
But yo, I know if I slip I catch one in the belly
And then, I.D. and DJ Phatty might have to get me
Out of twenty stitch state in Frisco Emergency
But hey
[Interlude: Bambu talking]
I.D. man. I don't know what you was thinking when you made this. But I'm glad you was. Hey!

[Verse Two]
You heard it correctly
Buck Taylor go heavy
3000 dead soldiers, one broken half levee
I'm a tight [?] on a po-lice cruiser
But your wallet in the sky, let the po-lice shoot ya
Pushing into my third decade
But nah don't worry
Ready for when alphabet boys ready to come get me
Say I'm a threat to Homeland Security
I'm perty
But damn can I rap
And I don't need nice diamonds to get girls to clap
I don't need a big gun to make rappers collapse
But I got a big gun if you prefer it like that
I do not live near a park where I can ride my bike
And whistle "Dixie" while I bat my lashes at my wife
Not I
I live where three gangs have to go to war
So I'm forced to be more yardcore right out of the door
But aye
[Interlude: Bambu talking]
Ha. I.D., Bambu. DJ Phatrick in here. What up Dat? All of Oakland is in here. Wnat up Bracy? Hey. Yo

[Verse Three]
You heard it correctly
DJ Phatty go heavy
Peace to the lesbian daughter of ahhh Dick Cheney
Enough dilly dally, Killa Cali's finest on deck
While the opposition position us to talk out of they neck
I'm a ooga booga to your American way of life
That'll change your life like Tron's roll dice
I might hold a grudge while holding my nuts
I throw down on The Wake Up Show every time I come up
I am a tad cocky
Take a beating like I'm Rocky
Probably never be as principled as Kiwi but obviously
I am me
And the reason that you bought this disc
Is to hear a Filipino on some wild out shit
I admit, I can be a little too much for the kids
But hey, Cat and Paloma can deal with that shit
Go 'head