Magnetised to the centre
Cold case of dementia
How do you not remember?
Designed via strength and respect it will end you
Classified the scan on your eyes not verified to enter
Yo, the pendulum swings on forever
And the eloquent speech will direct you
Stethoscope checking the beat never ends, no offence
They still can’t remember
Yo, so come and enter
Stand up in attention
Getting old like a pension
Recognition bounce of the walls in the theatre section
Encores will echo every second we test em
So come and graph the momentum
Of a scud missile with a path to Bedlam
The very last to rest and last to mention
The vessel won’t last but the noise is endless


I can feel your heat beat pump away to the record
It won’t stop (won’t stop)
I can feel your heart beat bang
When we vanquished the mob at the top (the mob at the top)
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