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"Ready For War"


Ready for whatever running through the hell of a motherf*cking endeavour levitate and severe anybody killer come and get it
Mother f*cker, run and suffer you a sucker up and comer i’m an upper-cutter come and bring the ruckus, suck it
No couldn’t care less special ed’ running out of hair yes, stress b*tch
Best from south west check beast through heavy on that tech 9 we the best
Yo f*ck a Lex, let em heat up, i’m a flex in Tida
We pump bass in the trunk like the street cuz
Adidas on the track blessed from the feet up
Leave it up to me, i hug enough in the skull where i cluster heat
Bust them beats too much when fluster freaks
I’m a nike dry-fit and a ralphie T f*ck the heat yo
Dessert n*gga on the run in the island, mosul minded Ima fight for a genocide
Mind over matter got a knife and a 5 shot launcher
Black camouflage in the night
Been shot at sliced but never knocked out cold couldn’t run out of life
Cancer could get me motherf*cker I’m a plague in my own right
And if i die tonight its all right


Ready for war
Running through the hell of a motherf*cking endeavour cause ill be
Ready for war
Ready for the worst, ready for the worst and ill be
Ready for war
Running through the hell of a motherf*cking endeavour cause ill be
Ready for war
Ready for the worst, ready for the worst


Ready for whatever
Stuck inside a simulation borderline overdose from the drugs they gave me got my head up
Straight to the point i would never get fed up
Sworn by the sword that they laid on my head
Blood forms horns they display in a sec
You insect b*tch i can’t hear what you said
Check that b*tch come again
In the domain of kings we don’t f*ck with help
Come test your theories
The myth is real n*gga I’m blessed by the helix
Steel DNA and tested I’m fearless
Trailed in a death simulator and i killed it, b*tch
Resurrect the realness I came for your whole dam city on the real kid check
I been marked with an ‘X’ the moment i passed through security checks
“we got him running with a shorty through motherf*cking lobby grabbing people by the neck its berserk ”
The rap games red alert
See the worst secret weapon in the works submerged in dirt
And re-birthed to hurt every living being on the motherf*cking earth none survive rest assured
Cursed by the tracks we murked elite taught and worked
DVSR will bomb first


Ready for the Worst
Raw backwards get dropped like a suicide jump give me action
In the zone you awake in the ashes
In the trench where i pray for a disaster
Look down the scope and bust off to tag em
Yo them white crosses fill up the pastures
They were briefed on the mission for the capture but the game slipped out their hand so i grabbed it
Lactic acid filled my heart and trashed it, Ima flirt with death until i crack it
Took a vow and engaged the bow, the hood beats syncs now with the faithful crowd
I’m in a hell of a predicament
Climbing over cars with tank banging DMX
Smoking on some cuban cigars with camouflage bayonets
Check, ain't even been discharged yet
Check, examining the way i fillet the skin
Making a maze and separate what encases it
Basically I can’t stop it
Mind stay hostile and toxic
Lock the thought out prepare for the rockets
The war never ended i promise
We’re the product of the fight that you started
We’re the soldiers lost in the marches

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