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"My Introduction"

[Verse 1]
I'm drunk, I just took the wine out of Amy House
I just f*cked my girl, while she still wearing her f*cking blouse
Sorry for that TMI, I'm a really classy guy, classic canuck like classified
All you other guys dusty, I'm about to clean house
I am the first of two boys, three of us in total
I work a four hour job, but still take that five dollar discount
Life will stab you on the back, I hope you see the point, its focal

[Verse 2]
I'm just another genius rapper, shout out to YEAHTIM your sh*t is fire
ScopeY is a key player too, y'all are on a roll like a tire
In order to make change, we need to break dollars, yeah the makes sense
Tryna suppress bad memories camping in my brain in their past tents
Shoutout to Harvie who drew me closer to genius, he is a genius, I'm like his protége, no lie, I really mean this
I'm feeling like a champion but not feeling that Queen sh*t
I'm a end this freestyle on a high note like I just smoked a pound of purp
High enough to look down on a giant like Dirk

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