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Yo, I been in the hospital for the past day, so I'm a bit behind on this beef. My main focus was to get better. When I came back, I see that RG has been divided. To all those who are on my side, I appreciate your support, much love to y'all. To those who chose to side with chef, I respect your decision. I'm just tryna make sense of the situation. I'm forced to respond now, I have to do this. I'm a little uncharged though, not gonna lie. I hope we can all be united again, but until then, imma have my fun

First off if you medded after me please shut the f*ck up
n*ggas been here 5 days and already tryna talk up
This is Major League sh*t, y'all ain't even get the call up
Tryna pick your sides, now you're all f*cked
One man bands thinking they can battle this guy
While they be j*rking off to Janet and hentai
Not a diss to Metaphors, that n*gga stay on my side
So if this beef were to escalade, I know he's down to ride
KING been gone for a minute and Genius turns to an uproar
Got n*ggas against me, got n*ggas showing support
Got everything I could have wanted, what more could I ask for?
Then for some n*gga calling my girl a sl*t whore
Random n*ggas calling my name now too
I don't even know the n*gga who wrote 72
He coming with heat, I ain't gonna lie to you
Now he just need a fan base and he's on his way through
This beef is all f*cked up, that's the sh*t I can't stand
Silly n*ggas talking finna make me catch a perma ban
Acting like I didn't fry chef Peter in a pan
Tryna claim Shaolin when he stuck in Neverland
I got disses coming from boys who ain't even hit puberty
Think I really give a sh*t about Nintendo or Atari
That sh*t is far from me, sad kid it's far from funny
Playing Pokemon sh*t, wasting your time and your money
Alphabet loving mods be switching sides like Matt switched Channels
Went from Pink to Yellow cause the forums he couldn't handle
Better stop now before you get dismantled
You'll come to a short stop, knock you out like Micky Mantle
Funny you thought I was scared and that I couldn't cope
Got me contemplating taking shots at YEAHTIM with a scope
I'm a KING, what use is a God to non believers?
I'm coming in to save the game like 9th inning relievers
Khroam a goat producer, but that diss was some uninspired sh*t
What happened to the med who was producing fire hits?
Don't act like I'm not a fan though, PMing you for new sh*t
This n*gga can produce, and this n*gga can spit
But your view in the beef is irrelevant, not much more I can say to that
At least you took it seriously, unlike that f*cker AllCaps
Making silly gun threats when he never touched a cap
Don't talk about sex, you couldn't get a pus*y from a cat
I really wanted to go back to back, but then reality struck
Spent a day in the hospital for some boil on my butt
So now y'all n*ggas really know what's up
Don't think I wasn't responding because I thought I was f*cked
I wasn't even scared at all n*gga
Better hope I don't get my Kut Throat involved, that n*gga is my hitta
And anyone else hating, imma take words from Jigga
Y'all only get half a bar, f*ck y'all n*ggas

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