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Alright so this beef has gotten way out of control. There are like 30 diss tracks, most of which were by people who weren't really involved. I have nothing against chef or anyone on his side, nor does he have anything against anyone on my side

Originally, this beef was supposed to be between me and chef
Now I see like 33 disses in the beef, and I don't even know whats left
It was supposed to be me putting chef to the test
To see which med on the team could be the best
But it was all just for fun, no one could really claim the best
Unfortunately I wasn't there to see the sh*t unfold
Wanted to step away, but I had a reputation to uphold
Ended up dissing people I would have never dissed before
Like suddenly we just threw everything out the door
Now I really hope nobody took it too seriously
Thinking this was real war when it was really just silly beef
I have to thank those who wanted to stick up for me
But the multitude of diss tracks were unnecessary
I was just surprised y'all were so dedicated, it hard to believe
But it got outta hand, I know it wasn't intentionally
But now y'all got me in a situation where I have to respond back
Didn't wanna step the line in fear of breaking Mama's back
The verses were too much, y'all need the response to sink in
Next time though, make sure that y'all n*ggas stay thinking
Y'all had the heart, but the the thought process was missing
You didn't think about the amount of tracks dedicated to dissing
This so called beef was chefs and was mine
So I really don't understand how one person released nine
Disses in a beef, when between me chef and caps we have five
And they only responded because they had to look alive
There's a difference between shooting and being trigger happy
Unfortunately the shots backfired and started to clap me
Rather than responding everyone let y'all say your piece
It started digging a own grave for all of us three
Chef needed to get backup because he had to back up
In a corner because my "backup" made multiple disses that weren't backed up
He had to call for recruitments to come and do the damage
With the group assault, how you think he would have managed?
And I wasn't around to coordinate the songs so I couldn't plan it
All the forums filled with disses looking like we tried to spam it
When I got back I was forced to respond to my everyone
ChannelYellow, Butterscotch, and Zade just to name some
Which I think piggybacked on the side who won
Mainly because they saw my side, and did want none
Of the drama that came with it
Especially because it looked like we were finished
I take no L's but how am I supposed to recover from this?
I'm not dissing you guys, in fact this is far from it
Married To The Game, but which one exactly?
I know you packed the songs, but you didn't pack heat, please
And I love you man but JC that was way too many
n*ggas be shopping for attention like it's JC Penney
My main man Deevil came to support because it's the KING and the Kut Throat
Anyone dissing either of us is bound to be owned
He sticks up for me, just like how I got his back
Ready to respond to these n*ggas on a track
Vinyl wanted to support me from the side
I didn't want her to get caught up in the fight
Everyone taking shots at all angles through the night
Even n*ggas writing verses who didn't think it was right
I'm on some depressed sounding flow like Royce on Security
It's moments like these where that song is so dear to me
I wish I could be, more of a positive force on RG
But a lot of y'all be acting like you're only three
We need to grow up and really see how this unfolded
What started off as a joke turned into chef being scolded
By people tryna go back to back to back to back to back
Then other random rappers joined in releasing these whack ass diss tracks
Tryna barrk up my tree, how many tracks involved now, more than 33?
Shouts to Khroam because you cool and you know how to rock a beat
Shouts to Chrome because 72 was heat
This added to me consequently loosing the beef
My side is now in shambles trying to grieve
The fight is over now not a nother word of it please...

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