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Freddie Dredd


[Verse 1: Freddie Dredd]
Pay for the task
Know what to do
Blood streaming down your neck
Think about what's next
OH, the f*cking Freddie Dredd's
Standing in your room
With a Glock .45
Pointing right at your eyes
f*ck this b*tch on the low
f*ck this sh*t imma go
Unload the ammo
I don't need no camo
I'm creeping then leaving
'cuz you got to go

[Verse 2: Freddie Dredd]
Looked in the back
Drunk, riding real slow
Was your b*tch on the side
Getting top ?witcha 5 points
From the next dream?
b*tch was gone
DOOMSET killas kill, ?real phonk trillas?
Devil sh*t what I bump, fill me with madness
Cut your body put it in the mother f*cking
Trash can; plastic sh*t
Rope round the b*tch with a knife
To your throat now you can't say "wait"

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