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Freddie Dredd

"Another Land"

Feel it in your chest or you gonna lay to rest
With ya whole damn clique
Gonna run up with the sh*ts
I cannot recall ever givin a f*ck
One, two, three times and you gonna give up
Purple clouds in the air feelin' like you don't care
High off a bean you know what the f*ck it means
It's trippy mane in my brain
Think i might just go insane
I'm high as f*ck, down as sh*t
Depression is such a b*tch
Never try to test me or I put you in the dirt
Think about it for a bit
Leave your body f*ckin hurt
I got the blood of a demon and it drippin' on the floor
I don't wanna be like this anymore

I'm in another land where I can be the man
Killing all these motherf*ckin busters on demand

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