Freddie Dredd


[HEV Suit Voice]
For use in hazardous environment conditions
Have a very safe day!
Administering medical attention
Adrenaline administered
Ammunition depleted
Antidote administered
Antitoxin administered

I will see you in the mornin'
Rest your little eyes
You're about to touch the blue sky
I don't want to hear you cry
Freddie live a double life
Always coming with the fire and everything will be alright
What you know about my numbers hoe?
You keep it on the low
I'm busting down your damn door
I keep a .44
What-what the hell you mean?
You keep it in your dreams
Freddie lockdown, shooting with the f**king beam
Ammo got it, pocket rambo 'bout to lock it
Blast it at your sh*t
No I never playin' b*t*h
Got my whole suit on
b*t*hes get on my schlong
Baby what's the word?
You meant to pass it on
I don't want to f**k with you, I don't care 'bout no pu**y
If you run your mouth I'm gonna show you all the business
I'm a business man
Where's the money man?
Put in the bag
I'm okay, but the Freddie's gonna end your f**king day
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