Freddie Dredd

"6 FEET"

Third degree
Second degree
First degree

Miss Drake, thinks she's innocent
Cause she five and one
Mis-take is what she made
She'll see when I'm done
Sing, dance, have your fun
What's your birthday? It's my month
It's too late to take back what you did
No, no refunds

What were you thinking?
A penny for your thoughts
Venmo me, broke hoe
Here's a penny for you, thots

It's show and tell, kids, show me what you brought
Peter picked a pack of pickles, I am Peter, you forgot-

Hold on, hold on, hold on...
Can we switch the language?

Peter picked a pack of pickles
I am Peter, you forgot

Peter pickles posers and puts posers on the lot
Posers, pick your pickles out my subway

Don't you p*ss-p*ss-p*ss me off
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