Cardi B


Said I’m a boss I’m a whole lot to deal with
b*t*h you broke and it look like you steal sh*t
That’s why you screenshot my pics
And post it in your group chat
Only way y’all hoes will see a real b*t*h
And I ain’t playing tennis hoe
So I ain’t going back and fourth
Don’t be talking behind my back come and get it from the source
(On god)
I ain’t playing games with you hoes
Cuz hating is a broke b*t*h sport
Look, I’m a f**king bad b*t*h and a shooter
Mami slash rapper slash entrepreneur
He wanna lick me from the cooter to the tooter
b*t*h worse night mare
Hoe I’m Freddy Kruger
Still the same hoe with a new bag
See yo n***a put this pu**y on his durag
Say you lucky that I’m married I don’t want yo n***a
But I got single homegirls, and they will f**k yo n***a
They be watching every time that I post
Hoes for nothing always gotta do the most
b*t*h it sound like you broke
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