Cardi B

"Me Gusta (Remix)"

[Letra de "Me Gusta" ft. Cardi B & 24kGoldn]

[Intro: Anitta & 24kGoldn]
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh (Hey)

[Verso 1: 24kGoldn]
If you like what you see
Baby, you should come with me
Know this spot up out in Río
I could f**k you on the beach
I'm your type, what it seems (Oh)
E eu sei que portugues (Ha, ha)
Shawty got a lil dinero so it's double G's 'n C's (Shi, shi)
Been watchin' you, get wild (Girl)
Been wanting me, just found out
Don't come around town, but I'm there if you down
One phone call, figure sh*t out

[Pre-Coro: 24kGoldn]
Been holdin' back, I know (I know)
Get hotter than fogo (Woo)
Good lookin' ass, that's what I'm lookin' at
You already know (Hahaha)

[Coro: Anitta]
A mí me gustan la' mujere'
When they shake their ya, ya, ya
A mí me gusta when they want
They go and get it, ya, ya, ya
A mí me gu-u-u, a mí me gu-u-u
A mí me gu-u-u-u-u-u-u
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