Conan Gray

"Those Days"

I tried so hard to love your name
Oh, I tried so hard to breathe instead
Of falling apart at your fingertips
Nothing gets worse than this

We were the greatest
Top of the world
But we were fading
Under the bills

Pressure was building
I could feel you breaking
Screams are the worst, I
Didn't know you were able

And quickly we cracked
And quickly we burned
Quiet and softly
But violently still

We almost figured it out
Almost made it through
But you topped it out
We just didn't squeeze through

And I know you really didn't like the way I cried your name
But I hope you really didn't mind the way I was those days
And some things
Some things always stay the same
You put your hand on my window
And bite your cheek
You put your hand on my window
And count to three
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